Loan Process

Step 1: Pre-Approval
You’ve made the decision that it’s time to find a home or refinance, now what? Contact me for a simple and easy pre-approval. I will ask questions to get the pertinent information necessary for me to find the best financing option available for you. My advice will make the process easy and understandable for you.

Step 2: Find A Home 
Once I have pre-approved you for a new home purchase it’s time for you to find your new dream home.  A Real Estate professional is recommended for this portion of the buying process, if you do have a professional or need a recommendation I will gladly put you in contact with one of my Real Estate professionals who will guide you through the search process, negotiate and effectively make offers for you. 

Step 3: Underwriting 

After you’ve found your new home it is time to pull together all the necessary paperwork to get your new financing underwritten and approved. There are a wide variety of loan programs to choose from and the documentation I will need from you is dependent upon the specific details of your transaction. I will guide you through the information requirements and make it as easy as possible. The sooner I have all the required information – the smoother the loan process will be and faster I can finalize the financing you need.

Step 4: Underwriting Approval 
Underwriting will give us an initial approval for your financing, but there usually are some small details or additional information that need to be finalized before final loan approval. I will work closely with you to gather any additional information required by your specific loan program so that we are ready to close within your schedule.

Step 5: Final Approval
Our hard work has paid off and we now have the final underwriting approval on your new home financing. Now it’s time to get your closing documents prepared for the closing.

Step 6: Closing Documents
We are now ready to prepare for closing your loan. I will manage the process of working with the title company and/or loan closing agent to make sure all the appropriate documents have been prepared. Having the documents exactly right for closing will ensure that your loan will close accurately and easily on the scheduled closing date. I will make sure all your last minute questions are answered and you know exactly what you need to bring with you to closing – including any cash amounts you many need to bring to closing. When you finish signing your documents – you are ready to move in to your new home, start your remodeling, or begin putting your refinance funds to work. Congratulations!