Loan Needs List

I understand that ideally you would want a smooth and timely closing, so I’ve compiled detailed needs lists of required documentation you should provide at the time of application. Just know that the better organized you are, the easier the process will be for you front start to finish.

It makes no difference in what order you submit the paperwork; it is the completeness of your paperwork that is important. If there are sections of a list that do not apply to you, do not concern yourself with those documents listed.

Keep in mind, some loans have more moving parts than others (this depends on your unique scenario) and additional documentation may be required. Please select the appropriate “needs list” from the links below and set aside some time and begin coordinating.

Now that you have all of your mortgage documentation in order, it’s now time to apply for your loan. Call Jody at 702.769.1791 and schedule your appointment today.